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Rooftops on Retail outlets, offshore platforms, shopping malls, factories, offices, educational institutions, buildings and bungalows are underutilized and can be adapted to install these solutions for power generation with no land acquisition costs unlike MW level projects. No permits or approvals from Government authorities is required to install these systems on rooftops for power generation. We provide comprehensive End to End solutions from site feasibility to project design, implementation and O&M during the plant lifetime of 20-25 years. Most of our systems are designed to be maintenance-free with preventive maintenance required once in a year to check the healthiness of the system. Systems are modular in construction and can be scaled up as and when the power requirement goes up.

We are supported by our strategic partners in Europe and India for Technical know-how and procurement of equipment for our projects.

We can design and implement solutions from 1KW to 2MW Rooftop Solutions in ON-GRID, Hybrid and Micro-Grid Configurations for different applications.



Hybrid Power is a concept of combining different Renewable Energy Technologies which are complementary in nature so as to benefit the Users with Uninterruptible Power Supply 24x7 throughout the year irrespective of Seasonal variations.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Micro Hydro Turbines


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine @ Rooftop Urja


We can design and deliver Hybrid Power Solutions for captive consumption applications in off-grid and on-grid configurations.


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine @ Rooftop Urja


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines are suited for rooftop installations upto 2KW and ground installations from 3KW to 20KW capacities.


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine @ Rooftop Urja


Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) available from 1KW to 10KW are best suited for integration into the tall building structures and on rooftops.


Micro Hydro Turbine @ Rooftop Urja


Micro Hydro Turbines available from 1KW to 30KW are useful in generating power in two different applications.



Net-Metering allows export of excess Solar Power to the Grid when the load is lower than generation and users gets the benefit of exported units to offset imported units during the night when Solar Power is not available.

They are designed to operate in Self-Consumption applications to reduce Electricity Bills by upto 90%. States like Karnataka have allowed End Users to install Rooftop Solar Plants at 1.5 times their sanctioned load and export excess Solar Power at Rs 7.08/ unit.

But in other states, Users are allowed to offset their Monthly Electricity Consumption through Solar Power Generation hence limited to Self- Consumption applications. All Net-Metering Systems can be offered with or without battery backup. Sites with frequent power cuts but reliable grid supply must opt for Net-Metering with Backup Solution.


Solar Battery Systems offer Uninterruptible Power Supply irrespective of Unreliable Grid Supply and Power Cuts. User enjoys Clean Power even when Solar Power is weak or not available.

While designing these Systems, User's Energy Consumption and Peak Loads have to be carefully studied else it results in system tripping and shortening the life of the system itself. Customized Solutions are available from 0.5KW capacity.

Sites facing long duration Power Cuts of 10-12 hours and having unstable grid supply must opt for Solar Battery Systems.


These Systems are ideally suited for consumers having Backup Inverters and are interested to start going for Solar with a Small Investment. Idea is to charge the batteries and Power the Critical Loads with Solar Power when available, cutting off Mains Supply thus reducing Electricity Bill.

When Solar Power is weak or unavailable, Mains Supply performs the same function for Critical Loads connected to Backup Inverter. System is scalable and can be converted later into Solar Net-Metering or Solar Battery System if the User wants to, with additional investment. Priority Systems are available from 0.25KW to 1.5KW.


Farming and Community Drinking Water applications requires Pump Operation during daytime so that Water can be utilized or stored use later. Daytime Power Availability in many rural locations is either available for 3-4 hours or is completely unreliable for Pump Operation.

Solar Pumps are ideally suited for applications where Users don't have to worry about non-availability of Grid Power. Typical Solar Pump will operate for 6-8 hours a days and upto 10hours pump operation during Summer Season.

Moreover, for night time Pump operation the same system shall be utilized to provide reliable power to the pump thru' Manual Changeover Switch if Grid Supply is available. Solar Pumps can be designed from 1HP to 55HP - 3Phase.

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